Automatic cutting systems for extruded plastic materials

Guillotine cut

The guillotine cut realized by IMAC TECNOLOGIE consists in the use of the Brushless motor that acts, through a recirculating ball screw, directly on the blade holder.

According to the material, IMAC TECNOLOGIE technicians choose the most suitable type of blade to always have a clean cut without burrs.

Our cutting systems can be positioned:

  • directly in the extrusion line
  • or thy can be fed by coils or bars

The IMAC TECNOLOGIE guillotine cutting systems can be:

  • Orthogonal cut
  • Cutting with variable angle (60° left/right)

Both types of machines are equipped with conveyor belts and guide systems for the material to be cut both in the inlet and in the unloading phase.

All our systems are Semi-custom and they cut plastic materials, sheaths, pipes and profiles like: PVC – PE – PP – PA12 – PC – ABS – PC / ABS – PS – NORYL – EVA – POM – POLYURETHANE PUR – THERMOPLASTIC RUBBER – PP / EPDM – SEBS – SILICONE.

 Mod. 125-ORMod. 125-AV
Guillotine cutterGuillotine cutter with variable angle
Compact struttureYesYes
Macchine preparation:quickYesYes
Lenght accuracyYesYes
Cutting without burrsYesYes
Extruder synchronizationYesYes
Possibility of automatic unloadingYesYes
Waste managementYesYes
Linear measurement correctorYesYes
Angle measurement correctorNoYes
More lenghts piace by lotYesYes
Operating in the extrusion lineYesYes
Off-line extrusion operationYesYes
Cut to the right / leftNoNo
Angles settingNoAutomatic
Storage cutting programsYesYes
Blade replacement: quickYesYes
Collectin systemYesYes
PC operator interfaceYesYes
CN operator interfaceNoNo
Production batch settingYesYes
Interface with external material control systemYesYes
Remote assistance (PC)YesYes