The handling system used is of type servo hydraulic servo motor with recirculating ball.

The service office will respond within 48 hours.

The rotation speed of the main spindle varies from 3000 to 9000 rpm depending on the work being carried out.

The power of the spindle can vary from a minimum of 3.7 to 17.Kw

The assembly time varies depending on the complexity of the machine, for more details please contact our sales department.

The control system is customized according to customer needs, for further details please contact our sales department.

The position control system used achieves positions with a resolution of 1 micron, these are not affected by machining pollutants.

The position control is of very high precision, with a centesimal resolution.

The cost is very competitive as well as being convenient, with a rapid production cycle.

The machine is designed and manufactured entirely in Italy, from all points of view: mechanical, electrical and software.