Our company was created  from the evolution of a small company in Brianzola, in Lombardy, Italy that worked for over twenty years in the field of machine tools and special plant. The broad wealth of experience that was gained in many aspects of this sector, has enabled us to penetrate today’s market with cutting-edge technology by offering essential solutions to clients and maintain the standards of quality and productivity required in the current economic climate.

The company operates in the following sectors:
• cutting machine tools,
• automatic machines for cutting and processing of extruded plastic material,
• control systems and industrial process testing.

We produce new machines or refurbish used equipment, upgrading the mechanical and electronic systems. We build new generation lathes for cutting metal meeting the needs and expectations of customers. Applied electronic and hydraulic technologies, supported by reliable mechanical structures enable simultaneous multitasking processing, increasing productivity. We also produce special installations for cutting plastic materials with high-tech and productive solutions.

Custom Solutions

We offer customised solutions; design, development, implementation and management of all the mechanics, electronics and  hydraulic controls, producing machine tools that comply accurately with the specific  requirements of each client. Our technical staff develops, independently, the electrical engineering of PC, CNC multi-axis and multi-tasking systems.

Technical assistance

We provide technical assistance ftom specialized personnel giving telephone support for client problems and for remote machine operation. Using our tracking service, proven by many years of reliable operation, we are able to  eliminate distances and response times by monitoring machines remotely, managing even the most complex and sensitive  functions. We also provide technical staff, means and equipment for intervention at the client site when it is  required.